Create a Design Brief for a hypothetical event

Use 7 to 8 Academic references

Assessment 1: Create a Design Brief for a hypothetical event
Assessment Group/
individual Learning outcomes Grading indicator Min Score Weight Length/
Create a Design Brief for a hypothetical event Individual 1, 2 Graded N/A 30% 1500 words
Assignment 1- A Design Brief for a hypothetical event
The assignment is to create a Design Brief based on the chosen event concept. The student commences this assignment by selecting an event concept from those provided in the ‘Event Concepts for Assignments’ page on the Unit Website.
The Design Brief must include:
• Proposed aims and objectives for the event
• Proposed theme – impressions and signals design
• A concept programme – The emphasis in the concept program should be on a range of programmed activities united by the theme. Students must not copy or incorporate any existing events into their program.
• Site/venue details – Although the event is hypothetical, the event location, site/venue must actually exist and evidence of this must be provided
• Anticipated audience profile and expected attendance numbers.
The Design Brief should also include:
• A description of relationship of the programme and theme to the aims and objectives of the event, and a justification for choices of theme, concept programme content, and site/venues.
Although a budget it not required for the assignment, the proposed program must comply with the provided budget limit specified in the brief.
The Brief should be written in report style.

Evaluation criteria
• Application of programming processes to the brief
• Creativity and acumen
• Depth and quality of research
• Clarity of expression
• Presentation.

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