Criminal justice

Hatred and distrust of government are running so deep that many militia members believe that federal agents exploded the Oklahoma City bombing, initiated the incident at Ruby Ridge, contributed to the Waco standoff, and murdered innocent people to discredit the special interest groups and to facilitate the passage of the 1996 anti-terrorist crime bill.
Read the discussion of militia groups, the bombing of the Oklahoma City building, the Ruby Ridge, and the Waco standoffs, and the passage of the 1996 anti-terrorist crime bill in online sources. Pay special attention to the role of government, the FBI, and the overall involvement of law enforcement in these cases.

Discuss the role of the government, the FBI, and law enforcement forces in the incidents cited.

Do you think their handling of the situations provide any evidence to support the belief that they caused or encouraged the incidents?

In what way is the accusation against law enforcement agencies consistent with the ideologies of various militia groups?

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