Crisis intervention strategies

James, R. K. (2013). Crisis intervention strategies (7th ed.) Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/ Cole Publishing. Chapter 15 and 15Read the assigned chapters from James this week and discuss the following:
1. What is the worst eco-systemic crisis you can imagine? Why?
2. Are we better at managing some types of eco-systemic crises than others? If so, what are they? Why?
3. What kind of training, education, and experience do you believe should be required to be an effective and competent manager of a crisis such as the scenario one described above?
4. Given a natural disaster such as is contained in this scenario, how do you go about coordinating and communicating an effective response?
5. When the crisis situation exceeds your local capacities and resources to respond, how and when do you decide to call for help, and who do you call?

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