Critical review of the NSW judicial system

There is an endless amount of research into the social, political and systemic issues that have an impact on the criminal justice system. One of the key issues is the public perception of crime and the response of the criminal justice system.Using the research provided, you are to conduct a critical review of the research and report on the research outcomes and how they impact on the operation of the criminal justice system.
You should source another TWO readings/research outcomes to support your discussion. These should be proper academic readings, and we recommend the Australian Institute of Criminology as a starting point ( )
A critical review requires you to do the following:
• Read the provided material plus the extra sources
• Understand what the research is telling you
• Compare the readings to each other
• Review them critically (which means not just accepting what each one says)
A critical review cannot be based just on your opinion, you must use the readings (and the material in the unit guide) to compare the information and see who is presenting the most valid information.
You can present your review as an essay or as a report.
Minimum word count: 500 words
Reading: confidence in the criminal justice system
Reading: confidence in the NSW criminal justice system
Reading: courts, transparency and open justice
Reference Guide
Marking criteria:
• You need to demonstrate an understanding of the readings and how they compare in their information
• You need to demonstrate the ability to critically review data and not just accept it at face value
• You need to present your review on a Word document or equivalent
• You need to present your review neatly and without spelling or grammatical errors
• You need to meet the minimum word count but can exceed it without penalty.
• You need to reference using the APA
• You need to use the resources provided plus source an additional TWO

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