State Practice Agreements
This week you will have an opportunity to evaluate state practice agreements in your state and examine issues related to NP practice.
To Prepare for this Discussion:
Review practice agreements in your state
Identify at least two physician collaboration issues in your state
Post on or before Day 3 a brief description of the practice agreements for NPs in your state and the two physician collaboration issues that you identified. Explain what you think are the barriers to NPs practicing independently in your state. Finally, outline a plan for how you might address NP practice issues in your state.

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This chapter covers the rights of employed NPs, contract negotiation, interviewing, responsibilities of an NP employee, employer’s evaluation of the NP’s performance, malpractice insurance, and collaborative practice agreements.
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Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

This chapter covers leadership in advanced practice nursing. The chapter also focuses on the context in which advanced practice nurses exercise leadership competency, leadership domains of advanced practice nurses, leader definitions, models, and concepts, defining characteristics of the APN leadership competency, attributes of effective APN leaders, developing skills, developing leadership in health policy, obstacles to leadership development, and strategies for implementing leadership competency
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Document: Cover Letter, Resume, and Portfolio Assignment Guide (PDF)
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Optional Resources
The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (2012). Nurse practitioner core competencies.
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