Diet Project: Part 1

Diet Analysis Project Guidelines
90 Total Points
This project is broken up into 2 parts with 2 different due dates. See Canvas for due dates.

Part 1 (45 points)
The first part of this assignment is to gather information about what types of foods you consume throughout a given day. This part of the assignment is meant to capture “usual” eating habits, meaning don’t change anything about your diet for this part of the project. That will come later. Research has shown that food records are an important component in understanding people’s dietary patterns and can help with guiding people to better food choices. A 3 day food record has been shown to be the most effective in capturing people’s usual dietary intakes. We will use the 3 day food record method to record everything you eat and drink for 3 days. Read below for more details. Once you have your food record information, you will then enter the information into a database and you will get a detailed report on the nutrient content of your diet, you will use this information to analyze how well you follow the general dietary guidelines here in the U.S. and you will be able to see if you are eating certain macro and micro nutrients in excess or if you are not eating enough of certain nutrients.
1. Record Diet for 3 days (15 points):
a. Each student will keep a record of everything they eat and drink for 3 days. Ideally you would record 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day (as our dietary patterns tend to drastically change on the weekends). I have a template for you to use if you wish or you can use any method you wish to record your diet. Please see canvas to access the food record template.
b. Note: you do not need to use the template, but you will need to provide ALL of the information that is on the template, this includes all the food and drinks you consume over a 3 day span. This will be submitted.

2. Nutrient Analysis (20 points):
a. Provide the calculations for your caloric needs, include the following (to receive full credit on this section, MUST SHOW WORK)
i. Caloric needs (Harris Benedict Equation with activity factor)
1. For this assignment, you need to justify why you chose the activity factor you did (1.5 pts)
ii. ALL macronutrient needs (in grams) (2 pts each, 6 pts)
iii. Fluid needs (in mL, L, or cups) (2 pts)
b. Determine the nutrient content of your food for each day. At minimum calculate the following per serving: Total calories, Protein, Carbohydrates, Sugar, Total fat, Saturated fat, Fiber, Vitamin A, C, folate, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, and Sodium (0.5 pts each, 7 pts)
c. Include RDA values for your age and gender for the following nutrients: Vitamin A, C, Folate, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Sodium (0.5 pts each, 3.5 pts)
d. Present all nutrient data in a table, see canvas for example (2 pts)
e. Some useful nutrient analysis databases:
iii. My fitness pal
iv. Calorie King

3. Diet Analysis Reflection (10 points):
a. 1-2 page (double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1” margins) (1 pt)
b. Does your diet meet your calculated macronutrients and RDA values for your vitamins and minerals for your needs, if not where are you lacking in nutrients and by how much? (3 pts)
c. Discuss the overall nutritional value of your diet. Is your diet more nutrient or energy dense? What are the most nutrient dense foods you consumed? Which foods are the most energy dense foods you consumed? (4 pts)
d. Discuss the difficulty or ease of recording your food and drink intake. Were some days better than others? (2 pts)

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