Disorders and Delusions of the Mind and Brain

At least 5 peer reviewed articles
Must be done on word document
Please read assignment information attached and see the marking rubric along with the example research report

Please only follow these attatched documents: Assessment_info.docx Marking_Rubric.docx assignment_example.ppt Assignment Information Task:Critically evaluate a cognitive account of an impairment within a particular disorder. Details: The disorder or impairment should be one of the following impairments: Autism You should describe the disorder and the impairment associated with it, and explain how the cognitive theory accounts for the impairment. You should then review the experimental evidence supporting or contradicting this account, in order to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. If you choose ‘The Theory of Mind Account for autism’, you may want to follow these steps: 1. Pick a disorder: Autism – describe what autism is. 2. Pick a cognitive impairment within the disorder: A specific difficulty in social communication in autism (or an impairment in Theory of Mind) – describe the impairment. 3. Pick a theory/model that accounts for this cognitive impairment: The Theory of mind Account– describe the Theory of Mind Account. Explain how the theory/model accounts for the impairment (provide evidence): Impairment in social communication deficit is due to lack of theory of mind according to the Theory of Mind Account. This is supported by empirical data showing… 4. Critically evaluate the theory/model by evaluating the supporting evidence. The Theory of Mind Account for this deficit is not supported by ….. Word Limit: 1,500 words Format: Double spaced, and printed in 12-point font with 2.54 cm margins. The word limit includes in-text referencing but does not include the reference list at the end, or the title page. Referencing: Your assignment should also follow APA (American Psychological Association) formatting and referencing guidelines. Marking Criteria: Please refer to the marking rubric. It is really important that the structure of your assignment follows the marking rubric and cover the sections included in the rubric, as it will be the basis of how the assignments are marked.

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