Don’t Know Jack”

“You Don’t Know Jack”
complete the following questions. Remember that you will be graded on content, English/grammar, and the identification of scholarly resources to support your thinking. You should aim to find a scholarly resource or personal experience for each question.

1) In the movie “You Don’t Know Jack”, Kevorkian and his sister had issues about something to do with the first patient.
(1a) What was that issue and the two sides?
(1b) What was the disease the first patient suffered from?
(1c) Do your thoughts on physician assisted suicide (PAS)differ for illnesses? If so, what are acceptable diagnoses for consideration of physician assisted suicide?
(1d) Going back to Peter Singer, does his description of “being a person”, like the Alzheimer’s, patient fit your requirements for PAS?
(1e) What was your position on PAS and Dr. Kevorkian prior to the movie? Did your position on those two things change? If so, how?
(1f) What was the most significant thing that you took from the movie “You Don’t Know Jack” and why?

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