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chatted with one of your associate’s, Kate, to confirm that you’d be able to put together a table from the surveys that are attached as well.
Here are the professor’s instructions:
Final Research Report

Due Week Six: 30% of your grade.

Use APA format & cite at least 3 references. Research is key: you must use a questionnaire or interview questions for the research portion of your report. You will show your findings in your written report.

What is it?

An orderly and objective presentation of information that helps in decision making and problem solving.

Your report will:

¦ be at least 3 to 5 pages in length

¦ include the results from your questionnaire to support your research

¦ include a cover page, table of contents and a reference page, citing your sources,

¦ use APA format

¦ include the use of headings, findings, conclusions, recommendations, etc.

¦ use tables and/or charts to support the research

¦ include an appendix, with a copy of your questionnaire & any other research data

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