A university is applying for the National Security Agency’s Center of Academic Excellence. As part of that application, the university must put together a disaster recovery/enterprise continuity plan and show proof of its implementation. To do this, the university first needs to obtain executive support for the plan. The application requires a written justification to the executive team to support the project. You have been hired as a consultant to help them get organized so they can begin putting together this plan.
The university’s administrative offices are located in a downtown urban area. The university itself occupies all of the sixth, seventh, and eighth floors of an 11-story building. The university’s servers are housed in an offsite location. Approximately 350 employees work on the university’s three floors. All but 50 employees work in 5 feet x 5 feet cubicles. Each cubicle has one laptop, one additional monitor, wired and wireless access, and one voice over IP (VoIP) phone for equipment. The network uses Microsoft Server 2003, an Exchange server, and a SharePoint server for all data. Student records are stored on the offsite servers, and backups of the servers are run three times a day.

Employees can only get into secured office locations with a secure electronic key. Stairwells are locked and are only accessible via a key code punched in at each entrance. Elevators can only access the three university floors by using the same secure electronic key that will get employees into office spaces.

There are some physical risks to the operation. Blizzards could potentially knock out power. Earthquakes could damage the building. High winds could blow out windows and possibly injure people near those windows.

1. Describe the roles of a DRP/ECP team.
a. Outline the type of training a typical DRP team will need.
2. Outline the six resilience layers that need to be integrated into the ECP.
a. Provide one example for each of the six resilience layers related to this enterprise.
3. Outline how the university should go about choosing outside expertise to assist with the development of a DRP.
a. Describe what the university will outsource to the outside experts.
b. Discuss the process of how the university will go about identifying the qualified outside experts and what service agreements you will put in place.
c. Describe the outside expert’s qualifications for what you are outsourcing.
4. Evaluate one best method for developing a DRP/ECP awareness campaign.
a. Evaluate one best method for implementing a DRP/ECP awareness campaign.

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