ERP and information security

review the current literature and write a research paper about the information security issue faced when rolling out an ERP system at a fortune 500 company. Be sure to include real wo9lrd companies examples, issues and case.

Summarize the information presented in the Industry Analysis, Company Analysis, and Enterprise Resource Planning Proposal.
It should be a summary of the company that your group is building the InfoSec plan upon. The discussion in this part needs to provide enough information to clearly define the enterprise information architecture as well as the challenges the environment presents such as the regulations the company has to adhere to and what sensitive data and information the company must manage and what standards that need to be met

Next part is what I refer to as the “presentation” document. It contains the formal Information Security plan for selected company. It should be included business analysis, security analysis and threat. Also, include strategic design and strategic and implementation.

, it needs references page at the last of paper. It should include citations.

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