Ethics sustainability and culture

TaskWhether to adopt the broad or narrow view of corporate social responsibility (CSR) presents an ethical
dilemma for some business professionals. To explore this:
1. Construct an argument for the broad view of CSR. Present your work in an essay.
2. Use Kantian theory to assess whether the broad view of CSR is ethical.
PLEASE NOTE: Extra resources will be provided in your Interact site that clearly explain the task,
It is strongly recommend that you:
• listen to the voice-over PowerPoint provided
• refer to the assessment rationale and the marking rubric provided below
These should all assist your understanding of the task, and how marks will be allocated.
Your essay should consist of the following:
• Title Page – include your name, student number, subject code, and assessment number.
• Introduction – Your introduction should include an a brief outline of the contents of the essay,
including a statement about your findings.
• Body of the essay – This section should contain a discussion of the issues and debates associated
with CSR, your position, and application of theory.
• Conclusion – This should be a summary of the essay. Remember not to introduce new ideas here.
• References – Please provide a complete list of references (see link to CSU’s referencing guide in the
‘Requirements’ section below).
This task is designed to measure the following learning outcomes where students should be able to:
• solve real life ethical dilemmas; and
• describe the issues and debates associated with corporate social responsibility

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