Evidence-Based Practice Question

Do bans on smoking in public places effected against smokers reduce smoking prevalence as compared to a situation where there are no smoking restrictions over a five-year period?
Your task is to create an annotated bibliography based on a research question that is clear, specific and measurable.

Step 1: Create a high quality research question. ( Provided Above)

Step 2: Identify 8 evidence-based articles. Write an annotated bibliography for each source, using APA citation style. Specific types of articles are required for your literature review based on the question you ask. Be critical thinkers as you choose each article. Use the following questions to guide your selection:

1. Who wrote the piece? Someone in the industry? A celebrity? A stay-at-home blogger? You are looking for evidence rather than a random opinion from someone who may or may not know anything about the topic!
2. Who published it?
3. When was it published? Last month? Last year? Five years ago? A time before computers existed? Remember, the more current, the better!
4. What was the methodology?

Your bibliographies must contain:

1500 words total (about 200 words per citation);
a complete and accurate APA citation before each summary;
a complete summary of the article as well as an analysis of its credibility, validity and overall value (a complete summary includes methodology, participants, limitations, and conclusions);

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