External Analysis

External AnalysisCase: Southwest Airlines 2001: An Industry Under Siege
? For all of the following questions, supplement your answers with data and other evidence from the case.
? Only data from the case may be used. No outside research is necessary or permitted.
? All answers should be based on the situation the company was facing at the time of the case content.
1. Describe the problems that Southwest Airlines is facing following 9/11.
2. Conduct an external analysis of Southwest Airlines include:
a. Porter’s Five Forces
? For each of the five forces identify whether the influence is low, medium, or high
? Based on that analysis, write conclusions about the general attractiveness and competitive environment of the industry
b. SWOT Analysis
? Analyze the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and threats for Southwest Airline
? Be detailed
3. Provide three recommendations for Southwest Airlines moving forward. Be sure to make recommendations that differ from their existing actions (at the time of the case), and help to address the problems you identified in Question 1.

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