Feminist Film Theory

. My supervisor said that I misunderstood what I am supposed to do/write, therefore I want you to rewrite the section of women in film and feminist approaches to Kuwait cinema. It needs reworking to include a slightly more extensive selection of theorists (i.e. not only Mulvey).

I also suggest that, before starting to rewrite the literature review, you select from the bibliography the books that you want/should to include in your literature review (the main ones for each subject).

What I am supposed to do is to explain what is available on the subject and how useful (or not) that is for my research.
Instead, I give an account of the subject matter as covered in the literature.

For instance:
1) which books are available in the history of Kuwaiti cinema?
2) what ground they cover?
3) how useful what they cover is for my research?
4)Then, for every one of the books listed, write a paragraph or two what they do not cover (their limits) this very important point.

So, pointing out the limits of existing literature is important, because it enables you to convince your reader (which will overcomes some of those limits and present new material and arguments) is original and very much needed.

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