Group Project Ideas

1. Movie Review app
a. Display Critic Reviews
b. Display User Reviews
c. Allow Users to submit reviews on Movies
d. Award Users for submitting reviews on movies
e. Allow users to rate user submitted reviews
f. Display Movie Times at local theaters
g. Display Movie deals
2. Health app
a. Track calories
b. Track exercise
c. Display BMI
d. Create exercise and calorie goals for users to obtain

1. Draw a use case diagram for your group project. Note that you are required to use a UML drawing tool to draw a use case diagram

2. Based on the use case diagram develop use case descriptions for your group project. Notice that the number of use cases in the use case diagram is the same as the number of use case descriptions (except generalized use cases). For example, if there are ten use cases defined in the use case diagram, 10 use case descriptions are required to be described.

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