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Health Care Disparities Associated With the Greek
Differences among the people of Greece is traceable from the time that Greece had an economic crisis that consequently led to unprecedented levels of unemployment, reduced level of government spending. Such problems with the government spending resulted in more issues such as improper funding among public institutions such as schools and hospital.
According to the Journal by Knight (147-159), the problem of financial crisis started in 1981 when the legislature attempted lastly expert to diminish the unemployment in massive levels, taking after however the approach of engagement in global society segment and their installment with Danish. Thousands of administrators and not, are occupied with every open administration of the state, a strategy that discovered commendable imitators in every political space.
Political defilement and mistiness of exchanges, the thing that happens in a ton of nations with entrusting of enormous financial work in representatives, administrative companions and different elements which for the entrusting of work gave give still huge fiscal entireties under the table in the go-betweens legislative workers. The embarrassments of political debasement in Greece constituted spread page of the daily papers the most recent 30 years with reports notwithstanding for the pastors. Still, the enormous costs for gear that were acknowledged mulled over the security of the nation and the parity of powers prompted a misuse of open cash for the buying of empty and exceptionally costly arms.
Ozturk and Ali in their Article (568-575), posit that a major issue that constitutes and one from the fundamental reasons of emergency is the assessment avoidance. From the period of establishment of Greek Express, the expense avoidance represents a logical course of action in Greece. The cost avoidance does not come in a high amount from the capacity but rather predominantly from the funds in deep social layers and particularly from ventures, businesspeople, and expert from all branches. The most recent 30 years, thousands lavish manors, yachts, sumptuous autos have filled Greece with another era of rich. Illicit country homes got made in preventing spaces and shorelines. However, reasons of open interest were verging on unsubstantiated.
Another reality that has contributed in the emergency was additionally the unsupported loaning from banks. With the presence of charge card Greeks started to spend recklessly for iceboxes and cookers up to autos of extravagance and boats. Thus billions were lost by these loaning prompted people groups’ powerlessness to pay the portions. Consequently, thousands of automobiles and homes were reallocated in light of the shortcoming of organizing the credits.
All the above played a role in crippling health disparity. People affected by Health inequalities in Greece include the unemployed, single parent households, economically inactive such as prisoners and the have-nots (Suk et al., 2-3). Due to unemployment majority of the people the rising levels of unemployment, a portion of the Greece population does not have capacities to pay for medical services. There is also the issue of continued inflation that makes it hard for some individuals to afford some medicines.
Solving the health disparity issues of heath inequalities among the people of Greece, there is a need for the government to improve on the amount of allocation dedicated to providing the health services. For instance, the country should look for health grants and other forms of funding from other European nations. Another essential way to bridging the gap of health disparities is to use some policies, so that aim at promoting social welfare. The best example to use is the distributive systems. The poor and the physically challenged should have standard services to ensure every individual can get treatment and prescription so as to enhance the affordability of the medical services (Thomson and Josep, 229).
Also, the Greece should encourage investor into the country. The investors will provide the resident with employment opportunities which imply that some people can afford medical service unlike before when they were unemployed.
The investor provides the states with more revenue from taxation; theses taxes are in turn used to fund health facilities, and consequently, services are efficiently given to the citizens of Greece (Thomson and Josep, 9).
The country should also use physical measures to enhance Greece’s aggregate demand. Such aggregation determines whether a state can sell goods and services better.
Due to poverty, some people are unable to access education, there unable to get Jobs competitively, thus leading to a cycle of poverty (Suk et al., 2-3). The government and other non-governmental organization should provide scholarship programs to the have-nots. The more people are getting an education, the more they can be innovative which may lead to new employment opportunities.
Finally, the government should ensure that research programs are supported, especially financially. Such support will enhance ways of making cheap drugs locally for the well-being of the institution.
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