Healthcare Theories

There are multiple theories that co-exist and drive the effective and efficient delivery of healthcare services.
Identify key concepts/ideas of the following non-nursing theories:
• Chaos
• Change
• Quality Improvement
• Maslov’s Hierarchy
• Empowerment Theory
• Systems
• Healthy Work Environment

Rank order the above non-nursing theories according to which ones you believe are most to least important to healthcare (while acknowledging that they all have value!) Explain the rationale for your choices.

Select a non-nursing theory that resonates with your own personal beliefs. Elaborate on the potential impact and intersection of this theory in improving the quality of care you provide

7 Key Points Points:
60 (60%)
Key points of 7 theories identified- Chaos, Change, Quality Improvement, Maslow’s Hierarchy, Empowerment Theory, Systems theory and Healthy Work Environment

Ranking Points:
10 (10%)
Rank Order importance with rational for the order

Theory Points:
20 (20%)
Identify one theory that supports your personal beliefs of health care and how this theory impacts your practice

APA Format Points:
10 (10%)
APA format with at least one reference for each theory (Will need total of 7 references no older than 5 years. DOI’s or retrieval site must be listed for each reference.

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