HIPAA and the Patient Bill of Rights Act.

Part I
For the first part of this Assignment, you will write an essay about HIPAA and the Patient Bill of Rights Act.
Your essay should address the information and questions presented below. This essay must be a minimum of
200 words. Please include a title page and reference page.
The creation of privacy and security laws has been a huge step toward more efficient healthcare and faster
reimbursements. Visit the United States Health and Human Services website and research HIPAA Regulations
& Standards as they apply to the medical records. Also, please see the information in your text.
? Question: Explain how HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules benefit and support the integrity of the
healthcare industry, patient, and physician.
The Patient Bill of Rights act was created with 3 goals in mind; to assist patients in being more comfortable
with health care delivery systems, to develop partnerships with patients and health care providers, and to
stress important roles that patients play in staying healthy. Please see the information in your text for
additional information.
? Question: Name 3 areas within the Patient Bill of Rights Act that you feel are important for health care
providers/patients to abide by, and provide an explanation as to why you feel each area you selected is
Part II
Please read each scenario and select the appropriate policy within the Patient Bill of Rights Act that applies to
each scenario. For each scenario, describe in a paragraph why that specific policy in the Patient Bill of Rights
Act is critical for demonstrating integrity within the medical assisting profession.
1. Donna Jackson’s physician, Dr. Jones is retiring and is recommending that Donna continue services
with Dr. Smith who also works in the same office. Donna is not comfortable with Dr. Smith and would
like the option to select her own physician.
2. Keith Davidson is in need of emergency services because of a life threatening condition. Keith is
currently uninsured and would like to make payment arrangements at a later time.
3. Jingle Smith has just been diagnosed with a chronic condition. She is interested in knowing all of her
treatment options to combat this diagnosis. Jingle would also like for husband to be a part of the
treatment process.
4. During Lisa Smith’s visit with her primary care physician, he made derogatory and discriminating
comments regarding her weight. Lisa is very uncomfortable with these remarks and wishes to file a
complaint with administration.
5. Bianca White has just discovered that someone in her primary care physician office released her
medical information without her consent. Bianca is not happy about this and wishes to file a complaint
with the Office of General Inspector.
Policies within the Patient Bill of Rights Act
A. Confidentiality of Health Information Policy
B. Participation in Treatment Decisions Policy
C. Access to Emergency Services Policy
D. Choice of Providers and Plans Policy
E. Respect and Nondiscrimination Policy

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