“How could the State of Qatar secure future water demand in case of permanent contamination of the Gulf waters”?

Your proposal looks very good. I would have the following feedback:

1. Research questions: I would suggest you take the topic of nuclear contamination threats to the gulf waters, its implications on water security and possible mitigation strategies and options to improve current water security strategy. I would suggest you use a variant of the second but last research question (“How would the state of Qatar secure the future water demand?”) that reflects the specific threat. How about “How could the State of Qatar secure future water demand in case of permanent contamination of the Gulf waters”?

2. Your hypothesis section is still general as you had many research question options. Also, it does not contain a hypothesis. However, the section contains many important aspects of the problem, which you should retain in your paper to relate your question to the water security situation in Qatar. I would advice you to first outline your paper with a structure that aims at answering the research question. Please state the contents of each section.

3. I assume you will propose specific solutions how the threat from long-term contamination to the Gulf could be dealt with. Your paper should include economic analyses of these wherever possible and a discussion on cost vs. benefits.

4. It will be important that you clearly describe the current water security situation in Qatar to be able to place the threat In context and identify vulnerabilities of the current set up.

The structure should be as follows:

Consist of the following parts as a minimum:

– An executive summary setting out the main parts of the thesis: issues, hypotheses, methodology, results and recommendations
– A presentation of the chosen topic, its benefit to the company and the methodology chosen to address the issue raised
– A presentation of the data collected, including a literature review
– An outline of recommendations
– A conclusion including an analysis of the benefits and limits of the proposed solutions, and an inventory of further work to be undertaken
– A bibliography 1 listing the sources used in the literature review; the bibliography is located between the conclusion and the appendices
– Quote sources in the body of the text, referring to the bibliography

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