How does leadership affect quality of care in nursing

This order is for writer 341353. After I have spoken with the tutor, become clear that what we have so far as methodology doesn’t meet the requirements for this section. Therefore I am sending you 2 templates, past dissertations which are good example of what I need. In the introduction of the methodology section should be written what is a methodology section in extended literature review. In the main body should be described how exactly i found the 7 research papers. How by using the PICOT method I form the research question, which is ‘Hoe does leadership affect quality of care in nursing’. Which key terms I use – ‘leadership’, ‘quality of care’, ‘management in nursing’, ‘nursing care”, and “quality improvement”,“ healthcare quality ext. How I applied inclusion criteria – articles from the past 6 years, UK and European based, then how I couldn’t find all 6 articles which are relevant initially , and I had to extend my searches and include papers from USA( one from the new articles ,which I found is USA based) and Canada( 1 of the new articles) . How I chose only peered reviewed articles and why this is important. I don’t need description of the articles as I already have most of it. I have changed 3 of the articles you sent me earlier as I found some more relevant to the research question. I will send you attachment of all 7 articles, the assignment brief, which is very important to be followed, Level 6 Marking Grid, and 2 templates of dissertations. Also some appendix as photo of the research results will be needed ( or as a figure inside the text).the tutor wants to see how many results I have found initially, how a narrowed them and which database searches I have used. If any questions please contact me by messages to avoid possible order revision. Thank you, and if all goes well we can continue with the other parts of the dissertation if you agree

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