How to communicate effectively with customers in a busy automotive workshop, when conducting diagnostic consultations, offering good customer care and presentation in a suitable and professional manner.

Seven questions must be answered taking into account automotive workshop environment.1.Describe methods and techniques used to communicate effectively with customers and listen to their concern.
2.Describe different customer reactions and methods and techniques used to recognize and handle them effectively. You could give an example how to handle an aggresive customer who feels “ripped-off” or who finds job is not in-line with standard.
3.explain effective ways of adapting their language when explaining technical matters to customers.
4.Describe effective questioning techniques to enable them to fully understand the problems with the vehicle.
5.Explain how to care for customers and achieve customer satisfaction.
6.Explain how resolving customer concerns and problems effectively and promptly contributes to customer loyalty and improved relationships.
7.Describe how to present themselves in a positive and professional manner to customers justify workplace requirements for personal appearance and conduct when dealing with customers.

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