Human genome project helps the society to be healthier and fit

Paper details:
There are total 5 sources that should be used for this essay.
out 5 , 2 sources are given in attached file that will be used in this research paper ( all the T series belongs to source one and all the C series belongs to source 2 reading) other 3 sources

should be peer reviewed articles that you can use at your own choice but should be peer reviewed . i need the attachment of those 3 peer reviewed articles that gonna be used in my paper with

underlined stuff that will be used for support in this paper. because my teacher wants the copy of the sources with underlined please attach all the other 3 used sources underlined

information with the final copy.

2. transitions and paragraph strutcure
Each paragra[h has it topic senetence in the first line then general support senetence and then specific support lines and at last conclude the each and every paragraph with the topic

senetence of the paragraph with strong ending. ( please check out the sample of my expositary essay that was writien by your company and i failed in it due to bad paragraph sturucture and

inapropriate transitions.) please carefully watch this thing my teacher is very strict on this structure.

3. Every line of the paragraph is connected with the last line talked about i mean coherence . whole research essay sould be connected with each other,,, please check this thing otherwise i will be

in trouble…. all the lines should be related and connected to each other.

4. please use simple language in writing do not use heavy and complicated language. use the language that we speak in our daily life,,,, be very clear and specific .

5. Every paragraph should have strong topic sentence in the first line that should not be from cited sources that will be writer’s own thinking and the support for that should be taken from the 5

sources that i already attached two of those and u should use other 3 peer reviewed articles.

6. Every paragraph that has topic sentence should answer why and how?

7. proper citations should be given and use times new roman font, double space, and no paragraph will be larger than 7 sentences. fully plagirism free.

8. please check out the the attach file for expositary essay as a sample to not repeat the same mistakes and do not repeat the stuff again and again.

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