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Write a 3 page double-spaced paper about the “FUTURE OF WORK” with a minimum of ten references using APA style. No wikipedia source. You must have Introduction: thesis statement, BODY paragraphs and a conclusion.
How relevant will your bachelor’s degree be in ten years time, twenty years time? Was it a sought after degree ten years ago?

Is it true that “hands-on experience will count for more than formal rank” in the future and that “on-the-job training” will count for more than “academic degrees and professional credentials.”- Robert B. Reich

Do you agree or disagree with this viewpoint? Why or why not?

Will your degree adequately prepare you for the myraid of “new jobs which have not even been invented yet?

What do experts say about the future of work? Are they optimistic or pessimistic about it?

Atleast 10 references
Here are the list of sources I have:

Welcome to the Future of Work

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