International Game Techonologies PLC (IGT) – Latin America and Caribbean Marketing

IGT operates in over 100 countries, has 13,000 employees worldwide and generates $6 Billion in revenue. The company is the global leader in gaming, offering games across all channels and segments from Gaming Machines and Lotteries to Interactive and Social Gaming. IGT products and services include:
• Gaming systems and machines
• Lottery Draw-Based Games
• Lottery Instant Games
• Lottery Self-Service
• Interactive Gaming
• Sports Betting

IGT is broken down into the following geographic locations: North America, Latin America & Caribbean, EMEA, and Asia Pacific and typically offers Facilities Management (FM) or Product Sales (PS) contractsfor lotteries.

IGT’s competitive advantage comes from its enterprise value, profitability and R&D budget to work on and develop new games and products. In addition, IGT’s wide geographical reach and diversification by product line across B2B and B2C creates a balanced business.

Mexico Social Space Game (SSG)
Social Space gamesare designed to be played in social/”destination area” environments such as bars, restaurants or in places where a large number of people congregate. Unlike regular lottery games, social space games are drawn using a TV monitor and a random number generator drawing mechanism. The draw takes place every few/several minutes allowing players to continue enjoying the game without having to wait for a specific time to find out the winning numbers.

The project should focus on getting a better understanding of the Mexican market and how likely a SSG is to succeed. Our objective is to gather market information that can assist us when evaluating the type of Social Space game, the market propensity, possible cannibalization of popular games within the portfolio, as well as an estimated contribution to total sales of the game.

• Evaluate the potential of a social space game in the Mexican market.
• Understand market propensity towards a social space game.
• Assessplayer performance and how the game would work in the Mexican market.
• Impact on/from competition, as well as cannibalization of existing games.
• Estimate participation of game as a total of portfolio.

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