Interview – Sharon

Find a willing individual who identifies him/herself as belonging to a culture or ethnicity that is significantly different than yours. To qualify as a suitable interview subject, the person must identify strongly with that culture or group.

I chose Sharon, a co-worker that lives in th USA, but migrated from the Philipines.

Here interview is attached.

This is a reflection paper about the interview, cultural assimilation, and the culture itself; in addition to the person.


Interview Readings/Research Interview

For the module 4 paper you will interview someone who is from a culture that is different from your own. Please read the paper 4 instructions before choosing your readings. For this module’s readings I would like for you to find at least four sources that can be related to the person who you have chosen to interview.


You are to prepare a list of at least 10 questions to ask during your 45 minute interview and then write up a three page (minimum) six page (maximum) paper on your findings. Be sure to apply and cite at least four sources (based on your module 4 readings/research) (16 points). Remember to incorporate your readings into your paper and use in-text citations. Points will be deducted if proper citations are not used. Please include a Works Cited page in this assignment listing the references you used as part of your research. Make sure that any reference that you list in your Works Cited is also cited in the text, and vice versa. Aim to use your own words, but when you quote or paraphrase, remember that in addition to including the author and date in the citation, you also need to include the page number of the quote: (Smith, 2015, p.1).

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