Journal and quote book (My teeth)

There should be two separate parts.

first, I would like for you to write 250-500 words using the following Questions as prompts. This will be over the first half of Story of My Teeth (not the whole story)
a. What are the narrative devices that the author uses to move the story forward?
b. What important “things” are there in this novel. What is their use to the story teller?
**There are only two prompts this time. I’d like for you to explore one of them a bit further than you’ve done in the past. I would look at how the teeth in the novel are working perhaps (although you could look at other things). Remember to think of the novel as a narrative machine and the teeth as a vital driving part. I should read your journal and think “Oh, so that is what the teeth are doing”. Try to come up with something interesting, something new, something that is not obvious. Remember that I don’t want you to think only on about plot (the teeth are there because without them X event wouldn’t happen). Think bigger. Maybe you could build a sophisticated metaphor or simile? The Teeth in Story of My Teeth as _______________.
Remember that I need for you to develop your ideas. Your journal entries should show insight. They should be written clearly, be well structured (topic sentences, paragraph structure, conclusion language, etc), refer to the text appropriately, and have a level of analysis. Are you answering HOW the story is getting the job done? Are you quoting? I do not want plain summary. Analysis is key.
These ONLY are starting places for your journal. DEVELOP them as you write. These are not simple response questions. In addition to strong writing, I will grade on your insights and “big ideas”. You do not have to answer all three questions for each story. Remember this is not a straight quiz, you are not just “filling in the blanks” for the questions and trying to find the “right” answer. Focus on what you find interesting. Make sure you are providing an argument. Make sure you support it.

Second page is quote book.
Perhaps look for things governing objects in the novel? There are the teeth for sure, but are there any other objects that are imbued with “power”? What are the things in this novel that are unique to it? That are absolutely necessary?
Maybe look for powerful objects as this would be interesting to find in other novels too (for that paper you’d be examining the roles that the various objects play). I would think that you could look for ideas of fate also. Or even how the objects intersect with fate!
Your quote book will be in 3 parts.
1. Stated theme. This must me a sentence or two that explains what the theme is that you will be looking for. Please tell me WHY you think this theme is important. I will be looking for that word BECAUSE.
2. Copy and pasting of 5 quotes. Your quotes must be selected from the entirety of the reading (not all of it can come from the first pages, etc). These should be a few sentences long, there will need to be enough context to understand them. It is important that these quotes seem relevant. This is how I grade that you have indeed read the work. YOU MUST PROVIDE PAGES OR LOCATION NUMBERS
3. A single paragraph that that tells me HOW the quotes show your your theme. I also would like a sentence telling me which story did the BEST job of showing the theme and why. There should also be introduction and conclusion language in this paragraph. You should touch on why finding these themes is important.

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