LEED silver certification

Question: You are bidding construction of a new office building that is seeking LEED silver certification. The team wants to achieve credit for MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management. You have been working on negotiating the contract with the owner for over 1 year but just can’t get to the owner’s desired budget. Your bottom line numbers are about $20,000 apart (You are at $400,000. The owner wants the job for 380,000). You are putting together another round of numbers and have one last decision to make. Which drywall number do you use in your next bid to the owner? Your current bottom line number is $395,000 and you are using Don’s drywall number shown below.
ABC Drywall ($65,000): You have never used them before but they have a decent reputation. They have never worked on a LEED project and are very skeptical about changing the way they deal with waste management during construction. They say they will try to help with you achieving the credit but will not put anything in writing and if their productivity starts going down as a result, they will issue a time and material change order to deal with LEED.

Don’s Drywall ($85,000): You have used them once and they are proficient at LEED projects. They are contemplating a strict waste management plan.

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