Life Cycle Thinking Assignment

Algal Biofuels
Electric Vehicles
Corn Ethanol
Light rail

For a product not listed above, draw a process flow diagram (PFD) from its production or construction to its use and finally to its final disposal at the end of its life. Your figure should include a key to identify products, processes, emissions, and energy usage. Your figure should also identify three peer reviewed LCI data sources. Breakdown of points as follows:
a. The process flow diagram should fill an entire 8.5×11 sheet of paper. See the examples in class for reference on what constitutes and ‘A’ for filling the sheet. (3pt)
b. A key with products, process, and emissions should be clearly labeled and appropriate for your product. (1pt)
c. Your product should be clearly identifiable. (1pt)
d. Include THREE numbers quantifying inputs or outputs on your process flow diagram. Please circle or highlight these numbers on your diagram so that we can easily find them for grading. For example, how much CO2 is emitted from a corn farm (gCO2/acre), or how much organic waste results from a chicken farm (gwaste/farm) or how much wheat is required to produce one bun (gwhat/bun). Include units for each number. You must cite your resource (google, the web is ok for this activity. You have to get started somewhere.) (1 pt for number, 1 pt for unit, 1 pt for proper citation) (9 pts total)
e. On page 2, identify ONE change to your system that might result in improved life cycle environmental impacts. Clearly state the change, the results you expect from making the change and the pros and cons of your improvement in 5 sentences. (6 pts)

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