Literature Review Guidelines

In order for your group to work effectively on the literature review, all group members should have copies of the group’s topic proposal and annotated bibliographies. All group members must also have posted their annotated bibliographies on Drive or Box. Each group member is responsible for correcting his or her own citations before the literature review references page is constructed.


In completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to:

Conduct comprehensive research
Synthesize evidence from at least three, current, credible sources in each paragraph
Compare, contrast, or report on steps other organizations have used or experts have suggested to solve a problem

The literature review provides the audience (a specific person or group at your organization) with a comprehensive, objective comparison and contrast or report on what the experts are saying about the problem under investigation. The literature review is part of the body of the larger recommendation report, therefore; it does not need an introduction or conclusion.

The review should be ten or more pages long (double spaced), cite at least fifteen sources, and include topic-related headings and subheadings. Your group should also include a references page, citing only the sources that were referenced in the text. There is no maximum length.

Be sure to use signal phrases to introduce quotations, and try to avoid monotony by varying the verbs used in the signal phrases. Remember that each paragraph should compare or contrast or report on evidence from three different sources. Be sure to use correct A.P.A. in-text citations. Use third person. (Avoid using “you” or “I.”) Please indicate which portions you of the literature review you wrote by placing your name on the same line with the section headings or subheadings.

Before the due date, someone in your group should volunteer to compile and format the report. Be sure your group sets a realistic deadline for your individual sections so that person will have enough time to check the formatting.


List all of your group member’s names at the top of the page
Title your work “Literature Review”
Use a 12 point font with serifs like Times New Roman for body text
Use a larger, bold sans serif font like Arial or Calibri for headings and subheadings
Be sure group members’ names appear next to the section(s) they wrote
Add page numbers

My Evaluation

A major portion of your course grade will be based on the section(s) you wrote for the literature review. As a secondary composition course, one of the main objectives of this class is to teach you to conduct effective research and use evidence from multiple sources. I will be looking to see that you have organized your section(s) well, synthesized information from at least three, credible, recent sources in each paragraph, opened paragraphs with topic sentences, and closed paragraphs with analysis in your own words.

Grades will be assessed individually. If a student in your group is forced to turn work in late, only that person will receive the late penalty noted on the assignment schedule of the syllabus.

Every member in my group is preparing and writing a draft of their part of the literature review and is bringing it to class tomorrow. Each member is going to write a sub topic of the main topic, which is ways turnover is increased/decreased among employees. our sub topics depend on the topics in we each chose for our sources. For example, Sarah’s sub topic is about how motivational factors influence turnover. Traci is writing about how management practices can influence turnover. I can’t quite remember what Delian Smith’s sub topic is shortage of labor as a cause of turnover. I’ll have to come up with a difference sub topic than theirs. I’m supposed to derive the sub topics from the main topics of the articles you found. If they only talk about things that Traci, Delian, or Sarah are already talking about, then you can do more research so you find a sub topic to write about

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