Macroeconomics: Principles and Applications, O’Sullivan, Sheffrin and Perez”

use the four chapters of the book “Macroeconomics: Principles and Applications, O’Sullivan, Sheffrin and Perez” to do the assignment.

The assignment instruction’s:
The first four chapters of our text are key to understanding economics. You’ve read about, definitions, the five key principles, markets, and how demand and supply work.

Now, in this discussion, it is time to apply your knowledge to the real-world. (click) In R. Schiller’s recent article in The New York Times
Link: (, he writes about land and home prices.


Read through the entire article.
In a post of no less than 150 words give examples of how this article relates to vocabulary, theory, concepts, and ideas you’ve read about in Module 1 plus anything you might have already read in Module 2. In your essay-style written answer be very specific. Detail in which chapter, on what page, and as it relates to which SLO. These are the kinds of information that must be in your written answer along with a brief explanation of how to interpret and apply our course content.

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