major benefit and cost categories of the temperate zone forestry case studies

Write a two page paper, plus the title page and a reference page on the following statement:

Outline the major benefit and cost categories of the temperate zone forestry case studies. For each category, justify your points.

Incorporate at least one reference from articles listed within the online APUS library.

Forest Restoration, Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Management of the Natural Resources on the Bolavens Plateau, Laos
Government approval for a 30-year forest restoration project was gained on 23 November 1995 (Document #1252, Prime Minister’s Office) and work on a nursery for indigenous tree species started near Ban Houayset in April 1996.

Forest Restoration Information Service
There are many approaches to and experiences of of forest restoration around the world. The FRIS documents some of this range of experience in an expanding series of case studies, shown below in alphabetical order by country. The FRIS database provides basic details for a larger number of restoration projects.

Reforestation of Mined Land for Productive Land Uses and Environmental Quality
Mined land reforestation and forest land uses of mined land are becoming more important to landowners and the public in Southwest Virginia as they become aware of the economic value of mined land forests and the role they play in flood control, water quality, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration. During the year 2003-2004, our forestry research and outreach program has made good progress toward our collective goals of forest restoration on mined land.

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