major theoretical hypothesis

?(a) What is/are the major theoretical hypothesis/es that were tested? ?(b) What were the key predictions tested? ?(c) What was the overall design of the study? ???- independent variable ???- dependent variable ??(d) Describe the key task/s (in simple language) ??(e) What were key observations/findings? ??(f) What was the theoretical interpretation of the observations/finding ** NOTE*** Make sure the summary of the ariticle contains all of the components mention above!!!! **** No direct quotes**** **** Make sure to mention all of the dependent and independent variables for all the experiments on the article if there’s more than one experiment****Never, ever ever use the term “prove”
Do not use the term “wonder”- use “test” “examine”
State the predictions right after the design, before you summarize the findings

Some common errors:
Reporting/describing the task
•Describe only the features of the task that are most relevant to the hypotheses being tested and to the design of the study
•Do not include number of participants
•Do not include if participants were paid, debriefed. etc…
Describing design:
•explicitly state what the independent variables and dependent variables are, use the terms
•No need to state the null hypothesis- state the actual hypothesis
•hypotheses are not observable- they refer to theoretical constructs and cognitive processes that cannot be observed
•predictions refer to observable patterns of results

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