management of diversity policy in the aviation industry in Saudi Arabia

The structure I request as Following :

2-Research Objective and Aim.You have to write What is the goals of the research.

3-Research Questions.Please see my research questions in my old proposal attached .you have to write 4 questions For example :What is the key factors promoting diversity management in Aviation industry in Saudi Arabia?

4-Methodology. What method of data analysis will you use and why will you use that one.What type of data will you collect (and why) . Where do you proposed to do the study .
Please note, in Methodology you can use same Method on my previous Proposal but remember I am going to talk about different topic.

5-.Significance of the research. You Have to explain Why it is important to undertake this research,

6-Literature review. In the literature review you have to follow this step:(1) Choose a theory that is used in your area of interest.
(2) Talk about the theory – how it was developed, why it was important.What Authors proposed.put a references at the end.
(3) Identify a gap in theoretical knowledge (for example, not enough research has been done that examines X).
(4) State how your dissertation will address the gap you have identified by examining management of diversity policy in the aviation industry in Saudi Arabia.


Please do heading on each part exactly the same my previous proposal .
Please note if this order meet my requirements I will give you a very positive feed back plus i will send you another assignment.

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