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assignment is master one,i have preprared it but failed ,upon that my professor have send me the feedback so you can use it .you will find on the attached file plus more details you will need.this assignment is 4000 wards and divided on 2 parts A&B.
also please i will be providing the assignment template so please follow it on preparing the assignemnt .
this now more details you can take a look ,not forgetting that the assginment should be a single PDF file.
the learning outcome:
. 1.Critically analyse the behaviour of individuals and groups in organisations in terms of the key factors that influence organisational behaviour.
. 2.Critically evaluate the potential effects on organisational behaviour of organisational‐level factors such as structure, culture and change.
. 3.Demonstrate the ability to analyse management issues in the context of management theories, models and concepts.
. 4.Critically evaluate the effects of important developments in the organisational environment on managing organisations.
. 5.Demonstrate the ability to apply their learning of management and organizational behaviour to their own area of practice.
Assignment……consist of 4000 wards =section A +section B:
Section A: 50%
[Section A assesses learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 & 4]
Case Study: Leading Organisational Change: Improving Hospital Performance
Critically evaluate the role of power and organisational politics on the implementation of the nurse led discharge. Use the French and Raven model to support your answer and comment on how the use of power and political behaviour influenced the response(s) to the change.
Section B: 50%
[Section B assesses learning outcomes 2 & 5]
Assess the culture of the organisation/department/service area in which you work using the Goffee & Jones Framework or the Competing Values Framework. Reflecting on your assessment, critcally discuss how this culture influences team work in your organisation/department/service area
ips and description for the assignemnt :

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