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the case study of the number of words (3000) the case study is about (Apple IP HONE IN a Malaysia) I defined this country and this company please, in this case study should say what is the impact of ethical and environment concerns on the company and how have they responded to these, .As a guide should be answer A and B.(a) Provide a critical analysis of the marketing mix for Apple through the use of appropriate literature and practitioner sources
(b) Critical evaluate the impact of increasingly ethical market on the company as well as their responses
Please note that I should use the printed case study as a starting point in my analyses.

I am obliged to use some of these sources such as EBSCO, EMERALD and NEXIS
I need in referenced use the Harvard format. 10 books and 5 journal
It is important in the writing of this case study to follow the things that I wrote you. And please do not forget the content in the pigging
Please note that you should use the printed case study as a starting point in your analysis, as you are expected to undertake your own desk research to update your understanding of the current corporate context of the company in the case study.
You may find the following paper on the extended case study method of assessment useful in guiding your preparation

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