Mission Statements, Goals, and Objectives

Assume that you are a Health Education Specialist working in a primary care clinic. Based on some data provided by personnel at the local hospital regarding vaccination rates for the clinic patients, your supervisor has asked that you create a new program to increase the percentage of children who receive all recommended childhood vaccinations on schedule. After completing a needs assessment you have found that the highest rate of non-compliance was found among those patients whose mothers were 25-35 years of age, covered by a health insurance plan, and have more than one child. In addition, the primary reason giving in a survey for choosing not to vaccinate was fear of complications, including but not limited to, Autism. Using your course resources, write a mission statement, a goal and at least five objectives to help reach the stated goal.

Your paper should be uploaded electronically via the assigned dropbox in Engage. Your paper should be typed, up to one pages in length, and follow the APA Style which includes a cover page, one inch margins, double spacing, and 12 inch Times New Roman font with a reference page as applicable

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