Monitoring, Testing and Evaluation in Team Sports

MODULE TITLE: Monitoring, testing and evaluation in team sport

Please select a test that can be used to assess or monitor an athletes’ fitness status and critically review. I recommend that you select a test that has been covered during the lectures. For your review please use the following subheadings and guidelines:

1) Background (650 words approx): introduce the test, explain what it measures and compare it to other similar tests. When comparing the selected test identify the strength and weaknesses of each test and justify why you have selected that test over the others that are available.

2) Test Validity (including reliability measures) (650 words approx): for this section explain how the test you selected has been shown in the literature to measure what it claims to measure. For example, has the test been compared to a gold standard? Has the test been shown to discriminate between levels of athlete? Please make sure you provide in your description the statistics reported to evidence that the measures were reliable and/or valid (as a minimum). For example, to show test validity (and reliability), I would expect one or more of the following statistics to be reported: correlation, intra-class correlation (ICC), typical error, smallest worthwhile change; and coefficient of variation.

3) Evaluation of test scores (700 words approx): in this section you will be expected to explain what a good score for the selected test is? Please make sure you use credible sources (Journal or book chapters, not websites) that are specific to a population.

a. In addition, please also explain what is a meaningful change in score? That is, how will you determine if the athlete has improved or got worse (link it to the reliability data);
b. explain how can you use the score obtained from the test to prescribe the intensity of exercise when writing a training program; and
c. demonstrate an example of how you will determine the intensity of the training based on the test results.
Please keep it to the point and write scientifically using the University’s fortmatting guidelines.

Maximum = 2000 words

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