Organizational Behavior – There are 2 parts to this assignment

Assignment Guideline for component 011 – Final Essay

Critically analyse your own organisation OR other organisation that you are familiar with from an Organizational Behavior perspective. Focus your analysis on a critical problem or issue(s) the org is facing.

Use a variety of OB concepts, models and theories relevant for the problem/issue.
Ideas, arguments and discussion must be supported with material (references) from academic literature. (refer next page)

1. Introduction
• Context
• Purpose
• Aim
? This gives you the Framework + What are you investigating (BE SPECIFIC + DIRECT)

2. Methodology (would be case study method for all)

3. Brief Background
• company chosen
• situation/issues

4. Literature Review
• Underpinning Debate based on contexts
• Informed Knowledge on contexts chosen
• Good practice (citations)

5. Analysis – Should include-
• Evaluation of the issues
• Implications
• Application of Concepts
• Do justify your statements + Give reasons

6. Conclusion- Bring it together

7. Recommendations

8. Bibliography
• Harvard Referencing System (Check it out)

• Please work on this according to Scoring/Marking criteria in the next page
• Any of these cannot be altered so follow the structure
• Maximum word count is 2300 excluding Bibliography/references
• Should be submitted on time as no extensions possible.

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