Organizational Leadership: Initiating Phase

You have been selected as the project manager for an enterprise resource planning project that involves transitioning your sub- business unit from the JDE Edwards ERP system to the SAP ERP system. This project is a part of a larger vertical supply chain integration strategic initiative to consolidate multiple business units in your corporation that are in the same supply chain into a single major business unit to enhance competitiveness in the marketplace.

Page 413 of the course textbook lists eight options that can be utilized by leaders attempting to successfully effect change. Match each of them with one of the following eight project stakeholders and explain the relationship between that option and that stakeholder during the project initiation phase:

Functional managers who must each assign a member of their staff to your project team.
Individual team members who have been assigned to your team by their functional managers.
The majority of employees in all functional departments who will have to learn to use the new ERP system and are either supportive of the change or neutral about it.
The minority of employees in all functional departments who will have to learn to use the new ERP system and are vocal about their resistance to the change.
PMs in other sub-business units who are managing projects to implement SAP in their sub-business units within the same major business unit.
Suppliers who will be ultimately be receiving POs from SAP instead of JDE.
IT personnel who are experts in JDE but must now become experts in SAP and on whom you will rely for technical support.
Executive managers who are concerned about the transition from JDE to SAP disrupting their functional areas and ability to achieve their objectives.
Your well-written paper should contain a section title for each of the eight options listed on the textbook page linked to the above. Within each section, you should explain why you feel that option is particularly applicable to one of the eight stakeholder groups and discuss how the option could be leveraged to help the project be successful.

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