Part One: One Full Page (275 words)

1-The article must be two hundred and seventy five words in length ( one full page ) and include a quote from the readings/screenings.

2-This is just a prompt to help guide you with your writing:-
You will have to answer these questions in your article.
While the reading is predominantly concerned with African American literature, it tangentially relates to the film’s overall message. What do you make of this film, and is it a departure from the other films we’ve watched with black representations in them? In terms of the film’s underlying message, it seems to go beyond what you normally find in the plot in gay/lesbian cinema; do you believe it does or does not? What is the significance of clothing, and how do you read it in the film? What do you make of the representation of a black middle class family; is it what you are used to seeing in cinema?

Remember to include a quote from the readings.

3- To do this assignment successfully, you will have to do the following:
a- WatchingPariahmovie (Available in Netflix, I will put my Netflix username and password below so you watch the movie for free).

b- You will have to readPatricia Hill Collins—excerpt from Black Feminist Thought ( I will attach this reading in the material section )

c- Finally, you will have to write the article or the post in which you answer all the previous question in number 2. Also, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO USE AND INCLUDE A QOUTE FROM THE READING, THAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT.


this is the second part of the assignment. The writer should do this part after he/she is done from the first part. In this part, I will copy and paste HERE two of my classmate’s posts/articles about the first part of the assignment. The writer’s job here is to write his/her own comments and opinions about each of these two articles. This part should take an additional page, so the total pages will be two pages ( one page for part 1 and one page for part 2 ). Since the page is 275 words, the writer should write about 135 words for each article of these two articles. I am going to put the name of the classmate before his/her article, so please when you are done from doing this part, do not forget to mention the name of the classmate at the beginning of your comment so I can know can distinguish which is for which.

Cydney’s article: I found this film to be extremely realistic. I do not think it goes beyond the underlying message of the film. The message of the film is be free, do not be afraid to be who you really are. If you go about your life pretending to be someone or something you’re not you will be miserable. The film explains how hard it is for many to tell their parents and loved ones that they are not straight. As a fact, what happened in the movie where Lee’s mother hit her and essentially disowned has happened to a countless number of my friends. Some parents are not excepting of their child to be anything but straight. The LGBT community has always been in the fight to get equal rights as others. Just with the past 2 years gay marriage has been legalized in certain states. The LGBT community is disliked by many people because they find it not “normal”. However the people of the LGBT community believe in themselves and still continue to fight for their equal rights this very day. In today’s world when it comes to the lesbian population there are ‘doms’ and ‘fems’. The ‘doms’ are more of the population that dress in the tomboy fashion where as the fems dress more girly. But this does not set the a distinct way to dress. Anyone can dress how they want. The clothing in the movies showed that Lee did not like who her mother was trying to make her be.
As for the representation of a black middle class family it is not uncommon to see this in cinema. It is not uncommon in real life. The reading pertains to African American and the love. This article goes into detail suggesting that many people are afraid to love the wrong person or gender they do not love at all. Hill states that “stigmatization of lesbian relationships seems designed to contain this threat. In this sense, Black lesbian relationships are not only threatening to intersecting systems of oppression, they can be highly threatening to heterosexual African-American women’s already assaulted sense of self.” This proves the point Lee was facing in the movie however it not only happens to just black women it happens to all races.

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