In Western culture, we are not really encouraged to express emotion, especially males. Poetry opens that norm. The purpose of this exercise is to learn to express emotions that are important to us (you). Writing in poetry form seems less threatening than writing “real” essays. Nervous? Shy? Uneasy? Your poem does not have to be about lost loves or sadness. There are many possibilities and many more emotions in Adler- anger, joy, amusement, love grief, crazy, empty, lonely, weak, trapped, and many more. You will write an original poem. Poetry gives us license and, for this class, is not subject to rules of academic composition.
along with this prompt answer these two questions.

a.) What was the situation? Who was part of the situation? Were you a bystander or involved?
b.) How did you feel when it was happening (be descriptive)? How did you feel after it was over? How do you feel reflecting on it today?

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