Write an essay that explores an aspect of your identity or a term. Your essay will investigate how society defines the term or aspect of your identity and how you define it.Your essay should include strategies that help support your thesis. Use what you find helpful and interesting. Your goal is to offer a unique and/or interesting perspective.
Suggested stratgies:
 Connotation, Denotation, Etymology (if applicable)
 Comparison/contrast: How society defines the term, how you define it; any otherexamples of comparison/contrast
 Exemplification – examples, illustrations, descriptions
 Mention of outside sources—music, film, books, TV
 Key terms and definition of key terms
 Personal anecdote (if applicable)
 self-reflection (if applicable)
 Research: Your essay must involve some level of research. You should cite at least two areas of information that the reader wouldn’t know. Media, dictionaries etc do not count.

Things to avoid:
 More narrative than definition
 No real insight into what you’re defining/Unoriginal commentary
 No real self-reflection (if writing on identity)
 No research
 Poor MLA formatting

I attached some example of definition essay. Please use it as a guideline to write the essay because its received good score. Beside that, I also attached the sample of my essay. I just want to show my writing style, wish you could follow my writing style in order to avoid the plagiarism.

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