Porter’s 5 forces model

Write a 20 page paper discussing Porter’s 5 Forces model. For years Porter’s 5 Forces strategy model was seen as the foremost management theory of competitiveness and strategy. How is the model looked upon in today’s world. Is the model appropriate for manager’s looking to innovate and change. What might be the shortcoming of the model when considering innovation and change. Compare and contrast Porter’s strategy model to other models in this regard. Provide examples where relevant.

Please use the following as references:
• BRYAN-21st Century Organization – 2005
• MCKINSEY-7S Model-1996
• MCKINSEY-Organizing Successful Change Management-2006A
• MCKINSEY-Reinventing Innovation At Consumer Goods Companies-2006B
• PORTER-5 Forces Model-2008
• PORTER-Corporate Social Philantrophy-2002
• PORTER-Link Between Strategy And Corporate Social Responsibility-2006


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