The assignment will focus on formulating a project plan based on a choice project.A. Formulating a PROJECT PLAN – Length of report: 2000-2500 words.
You are appointed a Project Manager to develop a project plan for any one of the project titles as stated below. A project plan is used to plan a project from its conceptual inception to proper closing. You must demonstrate application of principles and tools of project management as covered in the entire module.

Project management is based on the body of knowledge which can be linked to the project management life cycle. This task demonstrates the understanding on the importance of Project Management and the range of PM skills and techniques available to promote successful project outcomes. Students should be able to identify the critical success factors associated with successful project management. The learning outcomes accessed are (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v) and (vi) as presented on page 8 of this study guide.

An 800 ticket sales, concert for international artiste(s).

The report will be accessed and is not limited to but must contain the following components:
1. General introduction and description of chosen project
2. Project Scope Statement
a. Project Objectives
b. Deliverables
c. Milestones
d. Technical Requirements
e. Limits & Exclusions
3. Project Priorities
a. Scope, Time, Cost & Quality
4. Work Breakdown Structure
5. Estimation of Project Costs
6. Project Network Diagram
7. Project Gantt Chart
8. Project Risk Management
9. Project Performance Measurement & Evaluation

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