Prostate cancer screening

For this particular order, it is requested to answer the question that are going to be uploaded with this order. Please open the file PSA screening Q and answer Question 2 and their parts. Each is a clinical scenario that asks questions on taking decisions and what to do next and how to proceed. These questions need to be answered fully; it can be short or long based on the strong judgment you deliver. The answers should not be retrieved from public sites or from your background knowledge, and not form Wikipedia. All answers should be written and defended using evidence-based research on medicine, and that includes journal articles, clinical trials, and any medicine publication that relates to prostate cancer screening. All the answers should be paraphrased completely with prober documentation using MLA style. No copy paste and I would like the writing to be professional and not simple plain English language. No long unneeded sentence that attempts to prolong the answer or fill the lines, answers should be graded on quality and not quantity. For part 3 of Question 2, you are asked to refer to articles that are relevant to prostate cancer screening published from 1998 and backwards and to use recent articles which is titled the Quebec trial. I will attach these articles to the order as you are critically need it to solve the question and if any case you want use other reference feel free as long they are scientific papers. Any questions or concerns please feel free to ask and I will be happy to respond ASAP. The paper will be reviewed by me before submission date which is one week from now and might subject to review if I am not satisfied with the results. Let me know if you have any concerns and thanks for all your support.

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