psychosis. However, I would be in principle interested in a public health/population health approach, possibly in the Saudi population, so long as measures of psychosis (paranoia, hallucinations) were included (the actually have a suitable brief battery of measures which includes depression, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations and a few other types of psychopathology). The difficult issues to be resolved would be: (i) sampling – how would it be possible to get a well-characterised and reasonably large (N = 1000+) sample of the Saudi population? (ii) translation of the instruments; (iii) selecting social determinants of interest. In this context you might be interested to know that many of the social determinants of paranoia and the same as those for depression. Both paranoia and depression seem to be related to self-esteem, and both seem to be related to issues of ‘belonging’ or identity, as well as attachment.Sent from my iPhon

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