Relationship Management: Solutions for Challenges

Corporations with geographically dispersed teams rely on strong communication and collaboration. The drastic changes in the ease with which people communicate have had significant effects on the relations within teams and in the business world itself. The technologies available offer different features that you should carefully review before designing an RM policy. In this week’s assignment, you will identify the RM issues associated with geographically dispersed teams, differentiate between interactive technologies, and provide a solution to RM issues.
Suppose you are the project manager of Tecgee Incorporated, a large IT company. The IT department is spread across three time zones. You want to contract out five work items in a project. Each work item is assigned to a different company, with each company in a different state. This is a difficult situation in which the entire IT department and all the contractors have to meet at the same time in order to discuss the integration of the overall system.

On the basis of this information, perform the following tasks:

Explain the RM challenges that can arise in this situation.
Compare and contrast three technologies that can help geographically dispersed collaborators to interact on such projects. Create a table listing the pros and cons of each technology.
Describe which tool you would use in this situation, and give a detailed explanation of why you prefer this tool over others.
Explain how your solution mitigates RM challenges posed by this scenario.
Submit a document that contains responses to all the questions. Your document should conform to the APA style.

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