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In your role as a behavioral consulting intern you have been tasked with overseeing one of Acme Inc. ongoing cases, Pathways High school.

Pathways is an alternative high school. Pathways allows students with behavior challenges to complete their high school experience with a more flexible and positive approach. Their mission is to create an environment that allows students to consistently exceed expectations, maintain high level of student and family satisfaction and meet cost effectiveness standards. They strive to provide the highest education possible to students from a variety of communities and cultural backgrounds.

Acme Inc. assisted pathways with the creation of a school wide positive behavior support system and individual behavior intervention plans for students displaying high levels of inappropriate behaviors. A behavior management division headed by a full time behavior specialist at the school is responsible for implementing the plan that was originally created in collaboration with Pathways staff. You are asked to do a follow up to determine the success of the procedures you have put in place and determine if any changes may need to be put into place. Some of the objectives of the programs are:

The number of challenging behavior incidents will decrease from baseline levels to no more than 50 behavior incidents throughout the school per month for 2 consecutive months. Each classroom teacher will collect data on behavior incidents daily. The data will be compiled by in school behavior specialist 1 time per week.
All teachers in classroom with behavior plans will implement behavior correction procedures with 100% accuracy during monthly integrity check at 6 month follow up. The behavior specialist will observe and complete observation checklist 1 time per month across all classrooms with behavior correction procedures in place.
Student satisfaction will increase to 85% of students rating their experience at the highest level at a 6-month follow up. Satisfaction will be measured through the use of social survey given to all students within the pathways.
The behavior specialist has been collecting and compiling data and presents them in the figures below in relation to some of the key areas of with data for both baseline (before the program began) and treatment (after the program began):

Figure 1: Data and line graph of the # of aggressive behaviors incidents for the entire school reported before and after the program began
Figure 2: Teacher’s scores across classrooms on observational checklist measuring correct implementation of behavior correction procedures in the classroom during baseline and treatment
Figure 3: Student satisfaction rating results for their daily school experience before the program, and at a 6 month follow-up after the program.
You must now review the data and present a summary of your findings to your supervisor at ACME Inc. as well as the school. You should include the following in your summary:

Determine the purpose and importance of the data above by discussing how it can be used in the program planning process. Discuss the importance of data and evidence based program planning and evaluation.
Identify the data collected as either quantitative or qualitative. Explain why the type of data is appropriate for the context of evaluation.
Using the data in Figure 1:
Use visual analysis and discuss the level and trend of the challenging behavior incidents reported during baseline (before) and treatment (after the program began).
Using the data describe the effect that the intervention had on the # of behavior incidents within Pathways.
Considering the level of data as well as any trends in the data discuss if the data meets the original objective related to challenging behavior incidents. Describe any additional considerations or analysis needed in relation to the intervention based on your evaluation of the data.
Using the data in Figure 2:
Calculate the mean (average) score for all teachers on the observational checklist before the program was implemented and after.
Use this data to discuss the effect of the program on correct implementation of behavior management procedures in the classroom.
Considering the mean from baseline and treatment along with the teachers individual scores discuss the data in relation to the objective related to teacher implementation of procedures. Discuss if the objective was met and describe if the data demonstrates that continued intervention is required in this area.
Using the data in Figure 3:
Calculate the percentage of students who rated their school experience at the highest level (5) during baseline (before intervention) and during treatment (after the program was implemented.
Calculate the percentage of students who rated their school experience at the lowest level during baseline (before intervention) and following treatment (6 months after the program was implemented).
Compare the % of students who rated their experience at each level before and after program implementation and discuss the effect of the intervention on student satisfaction using these numbers.
Discuss if the objective related to student satisfaction was met. Using the objective and current data describe if there needs to be additional intervention and if changes should be made to the program based on these measures.
Your assignment should include:

Title Page
Reference Page
Main body of the paper (3-4 pages)
Properly formatted headings for each section of your plan
At least 2 academic references (including your course text)
Correct APA Style formatting for in-paper cites

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