Roles and Responsibilities and Boundaries of a PCET Teacher/Trainer

write an essay that draws from a wide range of current sources to discuss the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a PCET teacher/trainer. It should include the following:
an overview of the Education and Training Sector, where your subject specialism ‘fits’ into it and a brief explanation that differentiates ‘teacher’ and ‘trainer’ roles;

a discussion of the learners/trainees who study/train in the sector (e.g. 14-19 year olds, mature learners, learners with learning difficulties and disabilities), examples of their diverse learning needs and considerations and interventions that could be made to make to teach/train and support them effectively;

an analysis of government legislation that frames the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher/trainer in the Sector, with specific examples of how these translate into organisational policies and procedures that need to be implemented and/or adhered to (you should consider those that are generic and any specific to your subject area);

a brief overview of the role of awarding bodies and how those that are specific to your subject area impact on the specialist teacher/trainer roles and responsibilities e.g. specifications, documentation, moderation;

general discussion of key aspects of the teacher/trainer role and examples of where professional boundaries should be considered.

The subject I teach is Travel and Tourism.

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